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You are convinced, but need to convince your partner?

Over the past years of us designing logos one of the most common concerns we stumble upon before a customer gives the green light to go ahead is that you as the potential customer are completely convinced that we are the right company to design your logo but now you need to convice your partner or your better half.

We have prepared 5 top reasons why we are the right team to design your logos:


We have been doing this for a long time. Every one of us has been in media all of our careers, some of us working with large corporations others with smaller business, some being the agency and others being the client, we have experienced the whole supply chain, and what you see today as Design With Ember is the result of decades of experience from all of us realizing that there is a huge amount of companies which can not afford massive budgets for branding but also don't want (and excuse my language 🤭) crap!

This is where we come into the picture! We want to give you an awesome logo, but we don't want it to cost you an arm and a leg. We can make a profit and you can have a logo that really helps your brand grow. Win/Win 🏆!


You will realize this from the first time you get in touch. Our company is small and a team of friends, each customer is considered a friend as well. We work together to make this happen, we brainstorm along with you, get your opinion along the way, give our opinion, in the end we want it the experience for you to be fantastic! The logo is just the icing on the cake ... the process will be fun and enriching.


The logo being designed for you is being designed by people who have worked in large agencies, those agencies charge their clients thousands of dollars for the same quality we are offering now. This was always disturbing for us, because we know how much more this logo can mean to smaller businesses who can't afford it. Hence why Design With Ember 🔥 was created.


Quality matters. Just because we are cost effective doesn't mean we cut corners. It matters to us to provide world class quality designs that don't just meet your expectations but we want it to beat it. We want you to be surprised, lost for words, drop the coffee mug in your hand when you see your logo. We want you to fall in love with it.

5. WE GUARANTEE OUR TAGLINE ("Your final creative destination")

Finally ... we want you to never feel the need to look for a design company ever again and we will do whatever is needed to assure that!