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What good is a logo if it is not used correctly?

So you finally have a beautiful logo, ready to show the world, ready to make a difference. But where do you start? How can you make the most out of this wonderful new visual that represents the core of your business? How can you use it to make a difference and grow?

Here is a list of 5 starting points where every business must fulfil to assure getting the most out of their logos:

1. Change your print material

brand_logo_collateral.jpeg With a new logo in, the old logo should go out as soon as possible. The worst thing to do is to confuse your customers with double branding. Make sure that once your logo is completed all your print work including your business card, letterhead, envelope, and any other material that you possible share with customers is now designed with the branding around your new logo.

2. Change your signage and interiors

branding_on_foodtruck.jpeg If you have a brick and morter business where customers come to you such as a restaurant, a shop, or a food truck, your next move is to take advantage of this opportunity and change your signage and adjust your interior design with colors that match your new business. This is a wonderful chance to make it shine ✨!

3. Your menu and brochure needs to match your tone

brand_restaurant_menu.jpeg If you want people to know what food you serve, what products you sell, bundle that with the logo. If your logo is funky, your menu design needs to use the same fonts, the same colors, and the same funkiness in the way it expresses to the customer: that HOT BBQ Chicken 🍗 can not be missed 😋!

4. Your product packaging needs branding and now

branding_on_package.jpeg What about the product you sell? Your product is the core of your business and it needs to be wearing the logo and your brand colors all over itself. Anyone who falls in love with the product needs to be able to identify it in a shop from a mile away and be ready to re-purchase it. Just don't forget, a beautiful logo can look ugly if the package design is not done properly. Make people fall in love with the package and then the product.

5. Your social media cover photos and posts

branding_on_social.jpeg This one is a an obvious. Your facebook photo needs to be the best represenation of your logo, don't just post a huge logo on social media where half of it is cut out, don't put an ugly and unrelated banner for your Facebook page that has no sign of your logo properly embedded, and finally make sure that you have templaes in place for your social media posts that follows the tone of your logo.

Sounds like a lot of work?

A mix of all of the above can put your business in a winning position. It does sound like a lot of hard work and can be a bit overwhelming. The truth is, it is hard work! It needs to be done right too. This can easily backfire if the right thought and vision is not put on your logo usage as was put on creating the logo itself.

dwe_brand_car_wrap.jpeg No need to worry because Design With Ember is here just for that. We take your logo (and possibly have created it too 🤩), and with the branding, the tone of voice, and the style we build all the other elements just as that. Let us worry about creatives and you focus on your business.

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