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Three reasons why food trucks with our logos are so successful

Whoever thought of food trucks was a pure genius. I can almost imagine the thought process. "What's more American than trucks," this omnipotent being with at least 350 IQ thought to themselves. And then it hit them - food. Well, maybe guns, but I guess trucks selling guns would be a bit too much, even for Florida. Thus the marvelous food truck combination was born.

Back at the start of this trend, it might have been easy to stand out with your awesome idea, but today, with at least 35,000 (and counting) competitors, you are a drop in the sea. A very yummy drop, but a drop, nevertheless. So, what's your solution? To make your food even better, fresher, and healthier? Don't be silly. No one in America truly cares what they eat. It's the emotion they get from being part of the fad and these all-so-sweet social media points they get from taking a pic with their food and your awesome truck paint job. That's precisely the reason why food trucks that use our logos do so well for themselves. We understand what your clients want. But there is more. Here are at least three reasons why food trucks rocking our logos are so far ahead of their competitors.

We give personality to your food 👌

Contrary to what some people from the dark ages might claim, food is not only sustenance. That's even more true when it comes to eating outside your home. If the point was to fill your stomach, you could always put some cheese or ham on a slice of bread and be done with it. However, eating from a food truck, or any other establishment, for that matter, is an entire experience. From the conversations, you will have in the queue to the live show of someone arguing over pointless topics. Honestly, sometimes it's better than Jimmy Fallon. Then again, watching a pigeon having a heart attack is funnier than the Tonight Show, but that's beside the point.

So the only way to improve this experience is to give some additional flavor to your food. And that doesn't mean to put two dozen jalapenos on top, but rather to give your food some fascinating personality.

That's where we come in. We know how to make your food look and feel distinguishable, even without the extra gut-busting jalapenos. All you need is the right colors, images, and a touch of humor, so people won't only line up for the food but also take a picture with your truck, your food, and maybe even you.

We don't outsource outside the US 🌎

While art is art all over the world, we strive to keep it local. Yes, there are some great artists all over the world, but they are well aware of their worth. And, yes, you might get your logo art done by an Asian sweatshop worker drawing for less than a tomato gone bad a day, but there are two things you have to consider first. On the one hand, getting your logo cheap does not always mean you will save some money. More often than not, the logo is just as good as the tomato the artist will get as payment. But more importantly, they don't know the food truck culture as US artists do. That's why our logos work that well. Because they encapture the whole spirit of this subculture, the entire essence of the food truck community. And, yes, you've got us. We often get inspiration for your logos right from your food. So can I get two spicy vegan tacos with lots of onion?

We use magic 🧙‍♂️

Yes, it's true. That's our biggest secret. We are actually warlocks who enchant their logos to become irresistible to your customers... Or we are that effective not only because we are brilliant and meticulous designers with hundreds of projects behind our backs but also because we are your customers. We live and breathe the food truck culture, as we often queue to get your delicious food ourselves. So we listen and talk to the other customers and see what they notice, what they like, and dislike. This way, we can create a logo and an entire brand based on your customer's preferences and not on a Tarot reading. Is there any doubt left?

So, are you still wondering whether Design with Ember is the way to go? If you are, take a look at our projects and see how we helped hundreds of food trucks become the hot spot for local foodies.