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The success of your food truck lies in your logo and branding

In the US alone we have over 35,000 food trucks and clearly this is a growing market compared to the 20,000 back in 2020. All the owners of the food trucks regardless of what type of food BBQ🍖, Taco 🌮, Hamburgers 🍔, Pizza 🍕, Noodles 🍜, or more 🍣 🥗 🍩, believe they have an edge and something unique, but when put next to 10 other trucks in an festival how do you attract the crowd?

Its not the food that attracts at first, it's the truck

Remember the only way someone will notice how great your food really is, is by first noticing you exist! This means your truck needs to stand out, and for that to happen your branding and logo play a huge role. A dull food truck with a monotone design will probably not attract customers even if it offers the best food among the ones around it. But if your foodtruck has some smart branding, cool attractive colors, and gets people excited, the chances are, you have grabbed their attention and curiousity, and that attracts them towards you.

Your food is personal, convey your message

Most food truck owners have a story behind why they started this business. Either it is a special recepie that was passed on from generation to generation, or it reminds them of "the good ol days" when their grandmother used to cook this dish that blew everyone's mind 🤯, there is a convincing story there. They say a "picture is worth a thousand words", when a logo is designed well, it can pass on the message to the consumer, let them know that you are a wholsome family built restaurant, put a picture of your grandmother cooking that dish just like you remembered her on the logo. Send the message across.

Why Design With Ember?

Other than the fact that we carry the same values, here are just a few reasons we are the better selection:

  • Over 80% of our design work is around food and beverage, we believe it is our specialty
  • We have 5/5 happiness rating from our customers both on Facebook and Google
  • We are cost effective
  • Our designers are hand picked from hundreds of designers who apply, we only go with the best
  • Our customer service is uncomparable, we are always ready for a chat or a phone call
  • You are buying from a US based company, who can have a deeper understanding of your business

How to get in touch?

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