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The go to agency when it comes to designing logos for Mexican restaurants offering tacos!

In the US there are well over 49,000 Mexican restaurants operating, this is almost a 9% increase since 2021. With a quick calculation that means we have nearly 11 Mexican restaurants opening up every single day in the United States alone. This really isn't a surprise given Mexican food is the 3rd most popular food in all the US.

Mexican restaurants go hand in hand with tacos and every single one of these restaurants start off with an idea, a menu, and finally a logo that projects how the restaurant wishes to operate.

taco_mexican_logo_restaurant_9c2eb9995c.jpg At Design With Ember the largest industry we target is the food industry, perhaps well over 60% of the logos we design are for that industry, and it is safe to say that out of that 60% almost two-thirds are related to taco logo designs and Mexican logo designs.

If you are looking to open up your own restaurant, whether a small food truck or a large high end one, at Design With Ember we can help understand your customers, your positioning, and accordingly design a logo that reflects on all of that.

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